The Availability of Hoyt's Music
(updated August 2, 2013)

    Since Hoyt's passing, a lot of folks have been asking about the availability of his music.  Most of Hoyt's albums from 1969 and later (from My Griffin is Gone) are available on CD from various music sources like cdnow, cduniverse, and  For the best prices on CDs, check out - just do a search for "hoyt axton".  For Hoyt's older music, vinyl records, and other memorabilia, be sure to check out and do a search for "hoyt axton".

Click here for the Complete Discography of Hoyt Axton

New!!!  For early Hoyt on the Skip Weshner tapes on CD, click here

The following CD's are available:

My Griffin is Gone
The A&M Years (probably out-of-print - see below)

 - (includes all four of Hoyt's A&M Records albums):
              Less Than the Song
                   Life Machine
Joy to the World/ Country Anthem
Hoyt Axton Gold
             CD of Hoyt's 1964 albums Explodes and The Best of Hoyt Axton
A Rusty Old Halo/ Where Did the Money Go?
Spin of the Wheel/ Pistol Packin' Mama
Snowblind Friend (probably out-of-print - see below)
Free Sailin'
Hoyt Axton Live
Gotta Keep Rollin', The Jeremiah Years
Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog
Lonesome Road
Down and Out/ Trouble
                   Same songs as above CD of Lonesome Road plus some songs by Memphis Slim

(There are also a few new compilations of various songs on CD floating around.)

To buy them, try the following sites:

Click here for, go to the Music store, then do a search for "hoyt axton", or try this link

Click here for, then do a search for "hoyt axton" where it asks for the Artist

Click here for, then do a search for "hoyt axton" in the Popular Music section

For Out-of-Print Music, I have much of it available on CD.

                     Click here if you are interested.

The Spin of the Wheel CD is out of print, although the double album CD listed above is available (see below)
The American Originals CD which consists of both of Hoyt's Capitol albums Country Anthem and Joy to the World is out-of-print. (see below)

Here's some of Hoyt's out-of-print music:


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