The Skip Weshner Show with Hoyt Axton on CD
(updated August 28, 2021)

First, choose your option:
Option 1:  An 8 CD set of the complete tapes

Price:  $150, including shipping to any U.S. address

Option 2:   A double CD set of the best music on the tapes

Price:  $45, including shipping to any U.S. address.

Option 2a:  Include these two CDs with Option 1 in the large CD box instead of the double jewel case for an additional $30 instead of $45.  In other words, a total of 10 CDs (all of the sessions plus two music CDs) will be included rather than 8CDs (total $180).

Option 3:  A single CDROM containing .mp3 files of all eight sessions

Price:  $30, including shipping to any U.S. address

(See Note about this option at this link:


Next, how do you want to pay?

I'm not a store or business, so I can't accept charge cards directly.  But if you use Paypal, you can use your credit card for payment.  If you have already set up an account with Paypal, simply send your payment to my email address:

 Be sure to include your shipping address with your payment and send me an email notifying me of your order.

If you have not yet set up a Paypal account, you can do it easily by clicking on this link:

Or there's the old fashioned way - just send me a check or money order.  Email me with what you want and I'll respond with the address to send the check to.

Unless I'm away from home for awhile, I can usually get the CDs on their way to you the same or next day after I receive payment.

Next, enjoy this GREAT music!!!!

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Ray Kawal